Investing is simple, all you want to do is buy the very best companies at the lowest price.

What is simple investing?

Increasing your chances & degree of return


Stocks = Company
Stocks are not pieces of paper, they are a representation of the company behind them. Pick from the best ones using actual figures to qualify your selection.


Track record shows capability
While you wouldn't know how the Durians you ordered in the future turns out, buying from a place with a history of producing excellent Durian increases your chances of success.


Management controls your money
Would you leave your money to a fraud? Capable and honest steward of your money allows you to sleep well at night.


Do not ignore warning signs
Be not misled by your own romantic desires to make wealth rapidly. Avoid investing If you spot unexplained ratio and figures falling outside of their normal range. Greed blinds and kills.


Margin of safety from valuation
Know what a company is worth, and purchase below that. Buying at a reasonable price protects your capital and ensures your returns.


You make up half the equation
Age, character and experience influence your thoughts and returns. Knowing your character and finding a style that suits you can make a world of difference.


What simple investing can do


About Simple Investor

My name is John, and I am the founder of Simple Investor. I have been investing for the past 10 years.

As a business owner, my investment style is heavily influenced by Warren Buffett. I view the stock market as a place for me to acquire good business when they become irrationally priced by the market.

I am a firm believer that anyone, as long as they acquire the right knowledge and mindset on investing, is able to invest. I highly recommend anyone looking to invest to start with books in the library. It's by far the cheapest, and most effective way for anyone to learn investing. For those without the time or passion to do their own investment, I have developed a scorecard method to allows one to pick out better companies in the market. To learn more head over to our joint portal signup page.

While I wouldn't recommend it, those looking for 1 to 1 coaching can check it out here.


All results are net of capital injection, and includes any cash holdings.


  • Return - 64.16%
  • STI return - 18.18%


  • Return - 9.45%
  • STI return - 3.25%
  • 2016 performance (%)
    STI 2016 performance (%)
    2017 performance (%)
    STI 2017 performance (%)