Doing proper research is crucial for spotting bad investments and potential gems. We simplify the process.

Investment Motto

Our guidelines for profitable investment


Company forms stock
Stocks are not pieces of paper, they are a representation of the company behind them. We use actual data figures to qualify our investments.


Track record shows the future
Investors has no way of knowing what a company will do in the future, and past performance gives us a preview of what the management is capable of.


Management controls your money
With our money in their hands, picking management that are open and treats shareholders right is crucial to us.


Do not ignore warning signs
If warning signs are present, we have to dive deep into the financial statements to find out the reason and determine if a company is suitable for investment.


Margin of safety from valuation
Our margin of safety depends on the purchase price vs its intrinsic value. Buying at a reasonable price protects our capital.


You make up half the equation
We believe the individual makes up half the equation of investing. Knowing your investment style and finding stocks that fit those style can make a world of difference.

Track Records

The internet is full of noise. We speak with our actions.

Our Services

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Basic Full Analysis

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  • Access a selection of our powerful analysis
  • 3 updates a week (new or updated data)
  • 24/7 on site PDF access
  • Get to know the company in a single glance
  • Strength and weakness, intrinsic value,
        past performance, warning signs etc.

    Comprehensive Full Analysis

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  • Access 650+ full analysis
  • Updated monthly
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  • Information on every single stock at your fingertips
  • Reduce time spent on stock research

    Personalized Full Analysis


  • Craft your own full analysis
  • Over 60 customizable items
  • Make your own criteria and scorecard
  • Create analysis suited to your investing style
  • One time customization fee
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    About Simple Investor

    There are all sorts of expert on investing online. Unless proven, believe in nobody is my lesson learnt since I started investing 9 years ago. They could be paper trading, having heavy capital injection each year, or speaking about that one time they got lucky, you just never know. Getting lucky with 20 picks is like throwing 20 bowling balls and getting a single strike.

    My name is John, and I am the founder of Simple Investor. I manage a small local business (not mine) with a take-home pay of less than $3,000 after CPF, and my monthly investment is $1,000. I drive a van provided by the company. What I'm trying to say is like a lot of you out there, I am absolutely average without strong financial backing or special talent.

    Through my business experience,, I came to combine aspects of business with investing. To succeed, one has to pick stocks like they are buying the business, and it only make sense to go in as much as possible when one is able to confirm such opportunity. You need to know what you are doing in order to do so.

    In early 2016, I standardized my investments criteria into a single powerful analysis that is able to quickly identify strong and weak companies, as well as their intrinsic value. That was also when simple investor was founded.

    The development of my full analysis prove to be a stroke of luck, allowing me to quickly identify and pick up great companies at rock bottom price in late 2016. Without having a standardize score sheet to quickly screen companies, I believe my returns would have been much more muted.

    If I, someone without special training and strong financial backing can do it, you can too. Invest simply, invest with facts and you will go a long way.

    2016 results

  • Initial value + Capital injection (12,000) - $81,750
  • End value - $90,833.63
  • Our return (including cash & injection) - 9.45%
  • STI return - 3.25%
  • 9

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