What is full analysis?

Find stock research too troublesome?

Full analysis is a consolidated data sheet that analyzes a company. It provides all the important data an invest needs to determine if it is a worthy investment.

Full Analysis V14 (Coming in June 17)

How can it help me?

Full analysis can help everyone, from beginners to experienced investors.

We simplify data for it to make sense.

Full analysis does 2 things:

  • Helps you make money in stocks
    • Quality – Find fundamentally strong companies
    • Potential – Unveil hidden potentials for growth, value or income investing style
    • Past performance – Know how company performed in peak and recession
  • Helps to prevent Losses
    • Warning signs – Quickly identify possible problems
    • Intrinsic /  NAV valuation – Know what price to buy and sell at
    • Net worth analysis – Know what you are paying for
    • Shareholder’s concern – See how shareholders have been treated – share count vs equity increase, insider trading, management shareholdings

All in a place.


What makes us different?

No bullshit prices

As an investor ourselves, we know that everything is about value. Sick of useless investing courses charging thousands of dollars, we started simple investors with an aim in mind: to provide the maximum value to investors.

Our prices are extremely fair to provide an equal opportunity for all investors in Singapore, where even students will be able to do proper research on stocks and make smart investment decisions.


We use our own research for investment

You can view our results on our home page, under ‘about’ section.


We’re instantly useful

The no.1 reason why investment courses don’t work is because people don’t apply what they learned. Choose to invest in something that will help you directly.


Full analysis access

Ready to bring your investment to the next level? Full analysis is an annual subscription that will be activated once you sign up and make payment by paypal. Data is updated monthly.

Let’s do some serious investing. Sign up now at our new fundamental scorecard joint portal:

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