Are you looking for 1-to-1 coaching session for investment?

My advice to you : don’t.

Nobody can guarantee you investment success, not me nor any investment workshop (some costing over $5000) if you are not willing to put in the effort and develop your own view and investment thesis.

In my opinion, those who have tried various methods and yet can never seem to gain investment success will be the ones who can truly benefit. Trust me, I know because I was in the same shoe a few years ago.

Work on it consistently day by day and build your knowledge. Over the course of 5 years, you should be able to discover a system of your own and fine tune it from there. Having someone teach you a system may save you time, but it will definitely cost a lot of money.

Here’s a short list of books I recommend for those who are feeling stuck:

  • The little book of economics
  • The snowball
  • Berkshire hathaway’s letter to shareholders
  • Charlie Munger the complete investor
  • Poor Charlie’s Almanack
  • The intelligent investor
  • Security Analysis

If not, you should look at online workshops and videos that are cheaper in price.



Still here?

Majority of the investment world is wrongly aligned, where their interest is not aligned with yours (fund managers, course providers, article writers etc). Put sugar if you want ants.

If you want an investment mentor, financial adviser or private banker, make sure that person is capable of making above average return. Check that such return is not based on capital injection and includes cash portion of their portfolio. You don’t want a salesman as a teacher after all.

If you are truly interested in 1 to 1 session, how I do it is rather different from others. I believe in ‘Skin-in-the-game’ approach to mentoring.

Here’s how I eat my own cooking:
– 1-to-1 sessions are priced according to my stock returns.
– 90% of my net worth, a 6 figure portfolio is invested in exactly the same way as taught.

This means if you follow my method and lose your shirt, I lose my shirt as well.

Unlike regular information cramming session, mentoring is based on you learning my thought process and how I invest. I promise to sincerely teach whatever I know, to be open with you on every investment made and to acknowledge any mistakes along the way.

What you will be getting

  • Honest sharing on how I invest & achieve my results
  • 1 Day (8 hours) 1-on-1 session
  • 1 year access to whatsapp group on my latest trade and reason

What it isn’t

  • A get rich quick scheme
  • Guaranteed results investment course
  • New, exciting, complex methodology with unproven results
  • A perfect system that makes no mistake
  • Extreme mathematical valuation and calculation of stock value

Who is suitable

  • If you are sick of attending courses that doesn’t work
  • If you have some experience in investing
  • If you want to stick to methods used by successful investors in the world
  • If you want to sort out the messy concepts of investing in their head acquired from various sources
  • Businessman/woman who wants to invest in businesses


The truth is that a good track record only helps once you understand why the track record is so good.

Points to note:

• I do not bargain, just like how I pay up for a company I deem worthy.

• Questions are welcomed. There are a lot I do not know, and don’t need to know. If I do not know, I will tell you truthfully.

• I skip over 90% of the stocks I come across. If something is out of my circle of competence, I skip it. If there is nothing to do, I don’t do a single thing. Sometimes I may not make a single trade in a whole month.

•  Following my trades may result in a loss. In fact, I may under perform the market occasionally. In long term, I expect to outperform the market.

•  You are signing up to learn how I have achieve my past result, and not paying for my future performance.

No refunds.

Every year, 50% of my total returns will be added or subtracted from my previous price. Past year prices will be kept on page as a reference.

• Whatsapp group is a method for student to follow my thought process, and not for trade following.

• I am not licensed by MAS. I do not make recommendation for any form of investment. Any opinion I provide on investment is just for educational purpose. It does not form part of any offer or recommendation, or have any regard to the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any specific person.  Before committing to an investment, please seek advice from a financial or other professional adviser regarding the suitability of the product for you and read the relevant product offer documents, including the risk disclosures.

• I may hold positions in stocks discussed. You should carefully consider all angles before making an investment decision.

By signing up, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the above points.


2018 personal coaching – 2500 SGD (32% increase : 64% portfolio return in 2017)

  • 1 full day coaching (8 hours) on investment
    • Foundation (starting an account, CDP, investment)
    • Core concepts in investment
    • Value investing
    • Business investing
    • Past investments as examples
    • Current portfolio and target prices
  • 1 Year access to Whatsapp group (for updated trades, reason and sharing of portfolio)

Historical prices

  • 2017- 1900 SGD
  • 2016 – Private sessions only

Payment by bank transfer only.

Contact me for details :